Under the July Sun

Greetings sun worshippers! July is upon us, so I’m hoping to hear all of the fun things everyone has been up to the past couple weeks!

It’s been a crazy few weeks for me with many things on the go and people to see, but so far the July sun has been a treat. 
My roommate Lyly and I made a summer activities wall. We bought two pieces of chalkboard board and made a calendar for the month of July with all the things we wanted to do!

We made note of all the summer activities happening in our city by reading The Coast. They featured all activities happening over the whole summer, ranging from where the best patio’s are, to live music, plays, festivals, you name it. And we are doing as much as we can! Making a schedule with friends was a good way to start off the summer, and it’s good to also check out the tourism page in your city to see what else is up in the coming months. There is so much out there that people don’t even know about!
So far I have:
walked the whole city and basked in the city light

went to a food truck festival and indulged in the mac and cheese

went on a hiking trail and went for a quick dip (meeting some weirdos on the way, but who doesn’t love a good weirdo story?)

Went to rib fest and enjoyed some delicious food

walked the boardwalk and watched the Canada Day fireworks

Saw a parade downtown

went on a roadtrip to the south shore towns and enjoyed a beach day

went to pubs with friends
took my dog to the park for a long walk and swim


went to a wedding!!! woo #tamy2015


There are many things to do in any city or small town, you just have to be a little adventurous and look! There is something for everyone!
Now hopefully this list doesn’t make you jealous (ha ha) but motivates you to get going and enjoy the summer the way you should. We spent enough time indoors during this horrible winter. Let’s make it count!

Tell me what you’ve been up to in the comments section!

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