Trip to Copenhagen – Part Two…um, Copenhagen!! : P

After our adventure in Malmo, we set out for Copenhagen the next day bright and early! We caught the train across the Oresund bridge at around ten and it only took about 30 minutes to get to the central station in Copenhagen!

We booked the Saga hotel for our stay in Copenhagen and found it so easily! It was only five minutes from the station. Funny enough, the rest of our friends were staying next door to us!

We all chatted for a bit before heading out for lunch. It was another asian restaurant haha – Wagamama! So good.

IMG_2325 IMG_2326

All of us!


James and Philip!




you know these two already…: )

It was kind of a drizzly day so Vroni, Harry and I decided to go to the aquarium! It was really neat. Vroni and I were so excited because we hadn’t been to a aquarium before.


outside of the aquarium.


station where you could taste different sea water. Some were really salty…


but I did it!

IMG_2390 IMG_2389







IMG_2381 IMG_2380 IMG_2379 IMG_2378 IMG_2377 IMG_2376

“Tell me have you seen, the marvellous bread fish??? Swimming in the ocean water..”

IMG_2375 IMG_2374 IMG_2373 IMG_2372 IMG_2371 IMG_2370 IMG_2369 IMG_2368 IMG_2367 IMG_2363

IMG_2360 IMG_2359 IMG_2358 IMG_2357

IMG_2355 IMG_2354 IMG_2353 IMG_2352 IMG_2351 IMG_2350



Creepy seahorse

IMG_2348 IMG_2347 IMG_2346 IMG_2345 IMG_2344 IMG_2343


Clown fish!


We found Nemo!!


Nemo and Marlin


Marlin and Dory

IMG_2338 IMG_2337

Dory again…



IMG_2335 IMG_2334


Aquarium building

After the aquarium we caught the bus back to central copenhagen and walked to Rosenborg castle and to Langelinie park.


Rosenborg Castle

IMG_2405 IMG_2404 IMG_2403 IMG_2402 IMG_2401 IMG_2400 IMG_2399


A bit rainy…

We attempted to see the little mermaid statue but it was too far, and we we were so cold and wet! We decided to go back to the hotel and meet up with the rest of our friends. That night we went out for Sushi because our friend Rachel has a friend who works at this fancy Sushi restaurant. It was really delicious! Sorry no pics for this. : (

The next day we had breakfast and headed out to see the city! It was a beautiful day with not a drop of rain. We were really lucky! Me, Vroni and Harry decided to again separate from the rest of the gang because we wanted to see different things.


IMG_2408 IMG_2433 IMG_2432 IMG_2431 IMG_2430 IMG_2429 IMG_2428 IMG_2427 IMG_2426 IMG_2425 IMG_2424 IMG_2423 IMG_2422 IMG_2421 IMG_2420 IMG_2419 IMG_2418 IMG_2417 IMG_2416 IMG_2415 IMG_2414

Town hall

IMG_2413 IMG_2412 IMG_2411 IMG_2410 IMG_2409


IMG_2437 IMG_2479 IMG_2478 IMG_2477 IMG_2476 IMG_2475

Stock exchange

IMG_2474 IMG_2473 IMG_2472 IMG_2471 IMG_2470 IMG_2469 IMG_2468 IMG_2467 IMG_2466 IMG_2465

where should we go now?

IMG_2464 IMG_2463 IMG_2461 IMG_2460 IMG_2459 IMG_2458 IMG_2457 IMG_2456 IMG_2455 IMG_2453 IMG_2452

IMG_2450 IMG_2449 IMG_2448 IMG_2446 IMG_2445 IMG_2444 IMG_2443 IMG_2442 IMG_2440 IMG_2439

We walked by the water and found ourselves in Ny Havn! Beautiful!

IMG_2480 IMG_2505 IMG_2504 IMG_2503 IMG_2502 IMG_2501 IMG_2500 IMG_2499 IMG_2498 IMG_2497 IMG_2496 IMG_2495 IMG_2494 IMG_2493 IMG_2492 IMG_2491 IMG_2490 IMG_2489 IMG_2488 IMG_2487 IMG_2486 IMG_2485 IMG_2484 IMG_2483 IMG_2482 IMG_2481


After Ny Havn, we walked on the pier and saw a performing arts centre.



We then ended up at the royal palace!

IMG_2519 IMG_2518 IMG_2517 IMG_2516 IMG_2515 IMG_2514 IMG_2513 IMG_2512 IMG_2511 IMG_2510 IMG_2509 IMG_2508 IMG_2507


We wanted to go to the changing of the guard at noon, so we waited around for a bit. Sat inside a neat church and had some Fika!

IMG_2521 IMG_2532

Really cute cafe. Recommended by trip advisor! Can’t remember the name of it though…lol

IMG_2531 IMG_2530



IMG_2529 IMG_2528 IMG_2527 IMG_2526 IMG_2525 IMG_2524 IMG_2523 IMG_2522




Changing of the guard,

IMG_2536 IMG_2535 IMG_2534 IMG_2537 IMG_2538


After the changing of the guard we walked again to Langelinie park and saw the little Mermaid!

IMG_2539 IMG_2567 IMG_2566

Little mermaid! Got lot’s of shots in front of her!

IMG_2565 IMG_2564 IMG_2563 IMG_2561 IMG_2560 IMG_2559 IMG_2558 IMG_2557 IMG_2556 IMG_2555 IMG_2554 IMG_2553 IMG_2552 IMG_2551 IMG_2550 IMG_2549 IMG_2548 IMG_2547 IMG_2546 IMG_2543 IMG_2542 IMG_2541 IMG_2540


After posing with Ariel we walked to Rosenborg castle again and continued through the main shopping street on our way to Christiania!

IMG_2569 IMG_2571 IMG_2570 IMG_2578 IMG_2577 IMG_2576 IMG_2575

Stroget! Longest pedestrian shopping area in Europe!



After doing some shopping we found our way to Christiania! Courtesy of wikipedia, Christiania  is a self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood of about 850 residents, covering 34 hectares (84 acres) in the borough of Christianshavn in Copenhagen . Civic authorities in Copenhagen regard Christiania as a large commune but the area has a unique status in that it is regulated by a special law, the Christiania Law of 1989 which transfers parts of the supervision of the area from the  municipality of Copenhagen  to the state. It was closed by residents in April 2011, whilst discussions continued with the Danish government as to its future, but is now open again.

Christiania has been a source of controversy since its creation in a squatted military area in 1971. Its cannabis  trade was tolerated by authorities until 2004. Since then, measures for normalising the legal status of the community have led to conflicts, police raids and negotiations which are ongoing.

Among many Christiania residents, the community is known as staden (‘the town’), short forfristaden (‘the freetown’).

You are not allowed to take pictures or videos in Christiania or yell or run (as it causes panic). So I do not have any photos of this experience. But it was definitely the most unique place I’ve ever seen. There were so many people there too! Even parents with small children!

After christiania we went back to the hotel and met up with our friends. We decided to go to a authentic Danish restaurant for supper. Vroni, Harry and I were not that hungry though because we had had a big lunch before going to Christiania. But I still ordered tomato soup which was delicious.

After supper we went back to the hotel and rested for the night. The next day we decided to take the journey to Helsingor before heading back to Jonkoping! This post will be added soon! Stay tuned. Thanks for reading!




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