The Last Kicks of Kick Off Week!!! Jonkoping University – Sweden!


Well, another week finished! I can’t believe I have been here for over two weeks! It seems to have gone by slow and fast at the same time. It was so much fun this past week.  We had more activities from the organized kick off week and our Fadders kept us very busy! These “Fadders” are basically the leaders of the groups and there are Fadders that represent each school (Jonkoping International Business School, School of Communication, School of Engineering, School of Education and School of Health Science).

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On Monday we had a fun activity after classes where we were divided into our groups, (go Mighty Ducks!!!). It was a night we had to wear our overalls! There were organized activities all around Jonkoping that we had to compete in. Depending on how well we did (in terms of the number of activities accomplished or how well our time was) we earned points.



The first activity started at Akademien (Aka), which is the student club. Funny enough, we played flip cup, which is something we play back home in Canada. But apparently many of my friends had never played or heard of it before. It is a drinking game, but since it was only 4 in the afternoon we drank water instead of alcohol. To start, you have to divide into teams (just two usually). For this particular game we played as one big team, and were competing against groups that would later come to Aka. You stand in a row down a table, and pour a bit of whatever you are drinking into a cup. When the game starts, each person in the line has to drink their shot and then try to flip their cup so it lands perfectly upright. Once it lands upright, the next person goes and so on. Once everyone is done, the game is over, and the team who finishes first wins. They were timing us to see how fast and how many times we could flip our cup in five minutes. Since this game was close to home for me, I of course did well and flipped my cup upright the first try! Everyone else was pretty good too! I’m not sure how we did exactly, but I think we probably got to 25 ish.



ImageImage  Next we went to another spot around town and had to make as many shapes with our bodies (as a team) as fast as we could. The examples of shapes we had to make were dinosaur, cat, circle and heart, LOL! Our team members were very organized so we made it work!

 At the next activity we had to fit as many people as we could into a small telephone booth! We managed to fit all 19 of us (I and many others were on people’s shoulders).

 After we went to the student union building and listened to someone explain what they do (so not really a challenge for us but very informative!)



And then we had to complete a challenge where we had to match countries with their flags. I stayed away from this, as I am not Sheldon Cooper when it comes to flags… (sorry for so much big bang theory references, it’s my favourite!


After the flag challenge, we had to match cultural items according to the country they belonged to. We had pictures of things (food, clothing, dates on a calendar) and had to pin them to a map of the Scandinavian countries (Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland). Once that was done, we walked to the new campus arena and did a sack race (talk about hard on the feet!)

 Then, once we completed that task we did another good team building exercise (probably our most difficult one for the night). We had to have 30 of us on a tarp and completely flip the tarp over and move it from one corner of the room to the other without anyone stepping off! If someone’s foot hit the ground, they penalized us by five seconds. We could not figure this one out very well, but we still had fun!

 We also had a scavenger hunt type challenge. There were many funny things we had to retrieve. Examples include, bras, underwear, tank tops, coke (the drink, not the drug), book from the library, and chewing gum! We didn’t do too bad!

 The last activity we did was the most hilarious. We all had to tie strings around our waste and then tie a string to the one around our waist that hung down to our knees. With the hanging string we then had to attach a piece of hotdog. The object of this challenge was to swing the rope with the hotdog and catch it into our mouth! It was very entertaining and painful! I got my hotdog right into my eye…ow! (Don’t worry Mom, my eye is ok J ) I only managed to scrape the hotdog with my teeth before I gave up. Most people were able to catch theirs, so we had success! (sorry for no pics of this…)

 Once the hotdogs were caught, we headed back home to get ready to go to Akademien! It was the first night it was opened so many people went and all were wearing their overalls! Each school has a different color. JIBS is green, school of communication and education are red and blue, health science is white, and engineering is yellow.

 Aka was amazing! I think it’s the best student club I have ever been to. It is run by students and only attended by students, which is cool! The nice thing about Aka too is that there is a spot for every type of personality! There is a dance floor that plays old music and pop kind of songs, a dance floor that has the loud bass techno kind of music, and then there is an upstairs that is quieter with couches where you can talk! Another great thing about Aka is that it’s a five minutes walk from my residence. So it was a very fun night overall(s) ; ) !

At Aka!

 The next day, in the evening, was the welcome dinner! We all got dressed up, which was fun, and took pictures before we left! We didn’t have to leave too far ahead as It was just down the street from our residence. It was at a very nice restaurant that they closed just for us! My friends and I managed to get a big table so we could all sit together!

This pic is courtesy of my friend Rachel! Check out her amazing photography skills on her blog – “Rach In Sweden” on wordpress!

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It was really exciting to have authentic Swedish food! There was three different types of meat (Salmon, Beef and Chicken) and there was potatoes and salad. It was delicious. For desert they made a cheesecake type thing and a jam dish with cream on top, yum!

So good!

On top of the nice dinner they had some skits by the showcase association and they talked about the upcoming trips that would be happening this semester!

It was a really nice night, and afterwards my friend and I just hung out and chatted. Some even went out to Aka again, but I thought I had enough excitement for the week and decided to go to bed early (I know I’m boring… zzzzz).

 After the past few days I was so tired I couldn’t participate in the following days activities. Apparently they were very similar to what we had done the previous day with all the challenges (one challenge involved shaving each others legs, so I’m a little relieved to have skipped out on that!).

 I was really happy to have participated in the last activities of kick off week. I made so many new friends, and got to know the town really well! I even earned a few more patches for my overalls, which I am excited to glue on!

 It is true that life is what you make it, so I think while I’m here I’m going to live it up (reasonably) and make the most out of this experience. I don’t want to be cooped up in the room all the time (though I know I will have to do some studying) because then I will miss out on what’s going on, and you all know I have FOMO! It’s time for some YOLO living people!

 Until next time, which will be soon!!! Thanks for reading : )

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  1. YUM – that food! Also, shaving each others’ legs must have been hilarious. I think I’m gonna like Sweden. 🙂 Sounds overall like an amazing first couple of weeks!

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