The Joy and No Joy of Fear

ImageIt’s October, my favorite month! Why you ask? Because October means its Halloween Season!

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s weird, scary, interesting and has lots of fun activities and the best treats! Who wouldn’t love it?


Many don’t care for it, and the reasons vary I suppose. They don’t like horror movies or the tricksters that roam the streets or the candy that rots your teeth;  but probably a big reason is because Halloween is associated with fear. 

Now I’ve never been afraid of Halloween, but I’ve definitely had my fair share of fear in my life. But this fear is the kind that is pointless, and never gets you anywhere.  I used to be paranoid and scared about everything. I can give some examples…

I saw a movie about a tsunami once and I was scared to go near water.  If my mother or father was a little bit late coming home from work I assumed they were in a car accident. I didn’t eat small hard things when I was home alone in case I choked and no one could save me. If a bug flew near me I would run away screaming. I was terrified to even think about going on a plane (I’m still a little worried but not as bad as I used to be). I never would watch horror movies because I couldn’t sleep for weeks. I told myself I would never live abroad because I would be trafficked like in the movie ‘Taken’ but my dad would not be Liam Neeson so I wouldn’t be rescued (no offense dad, you’re great, you can try!). You name it I was afraid of it.




How did I get over these senseless fears you ask? Honestly… mostly time and therapy. But it really came down to me changing my perspective. I just got to the point where I was tired of being scared all the time. It’s exhausting and what does it solve? It just makes you miserable and you never get to live life to the fullest!

Sure I still think about those things and how they “could” happen, but I mostly put them on the back burner. Now when I see water and think about tsunami’s I think if it’s meant to happen it’ll happen.  When my time is up, it’s up. When my parents are a little late I reassure myself that they’re fine or give them a call. I eat small candy whenever I want to! I sit outside and if I bug flies by me I cringe a little but move on (no screaming). I got anxiety medication for the plane (LOL) and researched heavily about plane mechanics and turbulence so I would feel more at ease and know everything is safe. I watch horror movies knowing they are not real! I talked myself into going abroad and I’ll just be careful of creepy people.

There is always a solution! But the best way to soothe fears is research! You can do this by either researching on the internet, looking within yourself, or just by talking to a family member. It gives you reassurance, which is key! You have to think what are the chance of that stuff happening? Think everything over, clear your head and get over it. It’s not worth the worry, trust me!

Fear shouldn’t always be seen as bad. It’s what you do with it that makes an impact. You can turn it into something good! Even if you still worry about things or fear something, you should still try and conquer it!! If you try and conquer your fears it is the greatest sense of accomplishment. I was terrified to go abroad, but I am facing all those fears head on because if you never try you’ll never know!

Yes there is no joy in fear. It makes us stressed and unhappy so we escape it as much as possible. However if we face our fears and overcome them, it leads to happiness and a sense of self-worth and confidence. So in a way, fear can be joyous. It’s all about how we look at it, and what we choose to do with it. 


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