Take Chances, Make Mistakes And Get Messy!


For those who grew up in the 90s, the above quote should be familiar to you if you watched the cartoon television show the Magic School Bus. But if you didn’t, the plot of this show was about a teacher who would take her class on educational field trips with the help of her magical school bus.



 These trips ranged from going into outer space, going back in time with the dinosaurs or even traveling inside the human body! You name it, this class did it, but before every trip the eccentric teacher Miss Frizzle would always say “It’s time to take chance, makes mistakes and get messy!” This quote has recently come back to me and I have to say Miss Frizzle makes a good point. Where would we be without taking chances or making mistakes in life? Every day is a guessing game is seems. We try to do the right thing, make good decisions and go down the right path; but sometimes the right decision isn’t always clear. It’s hard to see how things will turn out but we will never know unless we jump in and get messy.

Since I am the queen of worrying, making the “right” decision or any decision was difficult. I was always worried about the outcome and for that reason I never took any chances. I always went the safe route; asking people to make decisions for me, and feeling horrible if I made the slightest mistake. Not a great way to live.

I now know that mistakes are part of everyday life and I should not be afraid to make them. I’m not sure when it clicked for me but it most likely came with time, as I began living on my own without my parents to rely on. But I think it was Shane who helped me realize that mistakes are ok. I think as long as you are living your life and making your own decisions, you learn from those mistakes and are a better person for it. If you never made mistakes, how would you grow or mature? I’m glad I’m starting to get messy and take chances. Sure I’m worried about going abroad. Challenging things could happen to me but it’s a chance I’m willing to take. Hopefully the bad things will be outnumbered by the good things, and I can make mistakes and learn from them.

I don’t want to be like Arnold from the magic school bus who always said “I knew I should have stayed home today”.

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 I want to have courage like Ms. Frizzle and be the one to say “To the Bus!” It seems silly to be taking advice from a cartoon show, but I’m sure everyone can say they have learned something from their favorite childhood TV show at one time or another.

So with that I am ready for Sweden and anything else that comes my way in the future. I am going to take chances in life, not be afraid of making mistakes (or worrying about past mistakes) and get messy by jumping into what life has to offer with both feet!



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