Summer Summary: Advice from the Mono Perspective 


Hi all!
Can’t believe how fast the summer went! Before anyone groans, let’s take a more positive outlook and reflect on all the fun things we did this summer! 

I had a very eventful August, as I had two more weddings and a fun filled weekend in Toronto, but as the summer fun ends, I am very much looking forward to the fall season and what lies ahead.

For now, take a peak at what I was up to these past few weeks and my look to my advice based on what I learned from all the experiences.


Weddings can be a busy time for everyone, and though there comes expenses, I realized that this a special time for those special people in your life, and they will be at your side supporting you when your big day comes…so be supportive, be happy and enjoy the party!

It is always difficult to go to a wedding where you know no one! But see it as an opportunity to meet new people, talk yourself up, and party your heart out (with no one telling stories years ahead lol)

Also if you haven’t been married yet, its a good opportunity to get ideas for your own wedding.

Enjoy summer nights with people you love most. Work does get hectic, and its hard to get cooped up with all you have to do, but don’t forget that special someone in your life, family member, friends and even the fur babies, as they love having you around.

Go to any festivals that are happening in your city! Buskers or Fairs are always a fun choice!

Take lots of pictures! Life is short, shouldn’t we document every part of it! Memories are what we hold on to, and photos help us to remember.

Go on a trip! Doesn’t have to be far, even a day trip. It’s nice to have a change in scenery and re group.Especially going on a trip with cousins is a blast!


Go to a concert! I went to One Direction at the Rogers Center in Toronto and it was a blast! I wold recommend not getting seats on the floor, however close you may be to the stage, as there will always be people taller than you or jumping higher than you who may block your view of your fav band. Getting seats in the stands is a good view!

 Explore a city and do the sights. Even if you don’t leave your city, chances are you haven’t gone to the local tourist attractions! Enjoy what your city has to offer!Lounge in the park, rent bicycles….take in what the city or town can offer, or make your own fun!

Go to a taping of a TV show. It’s always fun to see what goes on behind the scenes of your fav talk or game shows. Tickets are usually free, all you have to do is plan ahead and request them online or through the phone.

I hope everyone enjoyed their summer to the fullest. It’s good to find what we like to do, and seize opportunities as they come. You might think, well I don’t have the time and money, or people are telling you you don’t have the time or money, forget that! You know what you like, so go and do it. Life is short, and no one and nothing should stop you from being you and doing what you want. It just takes one to start something amazing. Be mono and persevere!

This was a kick ass summer, now let’s look forward to new beginnings…a new mono chapter is awaits this fall, so stay tuned!


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