OHHHHHH We’re half way there!!

(ohhh, livin on a prayer) – I had to finish it :p

Hello everyone!

I apologize if you have been patiently waiting for an update, but it has been a busy (and very enjoyable) few weeks!

To start let me say I am happy, healthy and am doing well in school, life etc. (these are the questions my mother always asks first when we talk, thanks for checking in mumma!) 

It’s been such a busy few weeks that I only just realized that we are at the half way point of our exchange. It seems to have gone by so slow and fast at the same time. The beginning is always the longest part because it is a new place, with unfamiliar surroundings, but now that we are comfortable and to in tune with life here I bet the second half will go even faster. This is kind of the blissful time of the exchange I think, because you know the ins and outs, you have a good group of friends, and know that you still have three more months to enjoy before excitedly going back home. It’s bitter sweet to think about leaving. Of course you love your life on exchange, but I think it is so exciting to return home and see everyone you love. I am also glad to get back to normal routine and do all the little things I missed when I was away (and in particular sleep in a queen bed again, (thank god)).

As previously mentioned in a recent blog post I tend to focus on the future and not in the moment, so I need to snap out of thinking about June and enjoy what’s going on right now and what I have already seen and done!

I will leave you with that for now! Stay tuned for posts on my trip with Shane, Exams, and my week in Amsterdam! 



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