My Weekend Adventure to Norrkoping!!!


What a week I have had! So much has happened!

After all the excitement of the weeks before, I finally had time and decided to contact (this is a mouthful) my sisters friends brother and his family who live in Sweden!

Now I’ll back up a bit and explain…

My sister Amy has lived in Toronto for quite some time now and had met a lovely woman named Savka at her previous job. They instantly clicked and have spent a lot of time together over the years. When my sister told Savka that I was planning to study in Sweden, Savka excitedly told Amy that her brother Milan married a Swedish woman and they live in Norrkoping (which is only two hours away from Jonkoping). What are the chances!?

Savka told her brother of my trip and they really wanted to meet me when I arrived! I even got a chance to Skype with Milan at christmas when we visited Savka. He told me to message him anytime once I arrived and we would pick a time for me to visit.

So last week I thought it would be a good time to do that! (since everything has slowed down in terms of social activities and orientation etc).

When I messaged Milan on Monday, he wrote back in Swedish saying “I don’t know very much English so I will have my wife call you soon”. And within the hour I heard from Kicky! I just expected to touch base with them and have a chat, but right away Kicky invited me to come that weekend! How could I say no!? I booked my bus ticket that night to Norrkoping and they made arrangements to pick me up  on Friday afternoon.

I was very excited when I set out to Norrkping on Friday! I thought it would be nice to have a change of scenery and get to see another town in Sweden and of course be exposed to Swedish culture!

My bus left at 10:15 in the morning and I arrived in Norrkoping at 1 pm. We stopped in a few places along the way. There are so many places that end in “Koping”. I have now been to Jonkoping, Linkoping, Nykoping, and Norrkoping! Apparently there are more of them too! Kicky told me it means town 😛

When I arrived in Norrkoping, Milan was there right away to pick me up! I wondered what it would be like to communicate with each other as Milan does not know very much English but he did fine! Milan kept saying “pinsamt” after he spoke english which means embarrassing lol, but I kept telling him his English was much better than my Swedish!

Milan took me back to their flat, which was very nice. It’s in an apartment building that they own. They live on the top two floors of the flat. Kicky told me she used to live in that flat when she was little, and then her parents bought the flat next door, and her and Milan moved to the old flat! They have a very beautiful home! There are three bedrooms on the first floor, and two on the second. Kicky said they renovated the top floor so that they could possibly rent them to students, but they have never rented them. The top floor is basically the shape of an attic. It has a long open part with a couch and tv, bathroom and then there are two rooms across from each other. Both rooms have their own kitchen in them! Fridge, stove, oven, cupboards…everything! And then there is a desk, shelf and bed! I stayed in one of the rooms and it was so nice! Perfect for students!

After showing me their home, Milan took me out to see Norrkoping! We walked around for a bit and he showed me lots of things. It is such a nice town! It has around 120,000 people. So many trails all around the river, and a lot of nice buildings.



After walking for a bit we had a bite to eat and went out for a drink at a sports bar. It was funny to see that one wall was covered in Boston Bruins pictures and jerseys! Sorry to Leafs fans, I guess the Swedes love Boston :p

After the sports bar we went to another pub – Harry’s (which is a chain in Sweden). We met Milan’s friend and had coffee before going back to the flat.

When we got back, Kicky greeted us at the door! She was so nice and welcoming! She told us to come in and have some coffee and cake! When I went to the kitchen dining room, I met their oldest daughter Malin, who is 16 and her two friends. They spoke English very well and we had a nice time.

We relaxed for a bit before Kicky’s sister and her 6 year old niece and 4 year old nephew came over. I’m not sure how to spell their names, but they were Alice and Alegott. They were so cute! But unfortunately they didn’t know english so I could not talk to them. They were having a sleepover that night and seemed very excited!

Soon after they arrived, Milan and Kicky’s youngest daughter Kajsa (pronounced Kyeesah) came home! She is 11. She reminded me a lot of my cousin Ariel at that age! Very cute. She didn’t feel comfortable speaking english as she has only been studying it for three years, but her mom told her ” you should practice!” She was very nice.

After Kajsa arrived, we had supper which was delicious. It was pasta with a meat sauce and salad. You’d be proud Mom, I made the salad!! A funny thing I saw was they put ketchup on their pasta!

After supper Kajsa asked Alice and Alegott if they wanted to watch a movie. Alice said “Barbie!”. Kajsa has a Barbie movie that Alice loves to watch every time she comes over. They asked “but what do you want to watch Alegott?” And he said quietly “Barbie.” So cute!

Malin apologized because she could not get the movie to have english subtitles, but I told her that was ok! haha.

We had candy and cheeses for a snack while we watched the movie, and it was very relaxing!

Soon, the kids went to bed as well as Kicky and I stayed up to watch an old Star Trek movie with Milan! I asked him “Have you seen the new Star Trek movies?” And he said “No!?” He seemed very excited to watch them. Maybe they haven’t come out in Sweden yet??

At about 10:30 I decided to go to bed since we were having a busy day on Saturday! Milan was taking me and Malin to Stockholm!! We were going to leave a 9 am, so I wanted to make sure I had an early night.

It was such a great day. They are the nicest family! I felt so lucky to be able to come and meet them.

The next couple days, Saturday and Sunday were full of fun activities too! I will share in upcoming posts! Stay tuned!

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  1. It is wonderful to read your posts, Meg, and live vicariously through your travels…I am so impressed by your adventuresome spirit…kudos to you, my dear..keep writing and sharing your observations…

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