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Happy start of summer everyone! (well for those who live in the northern hemisphere that is, my Aussie and Kiwi friends, this can apply to you as Australia and New Zealand basically have summer all the time! (lucky!!) 😉

If any of you readers live on the east coast of North America, especially in the Maritimes of Canada, you definitely are glad to have warmer weather after the winter we had. Some cities got 500 cm of snow!! Which is 5 meters or 196 inches!! We needed our summer asap! And now that it’s here, fun activities await!

I’m really excited in particular this summer as I am living in the downtown area which is great for my friends and I. Lots of festivals, boardwalk evening movies and lots of patio parties! On the family front we have three weddings this summer which is exciting, so that’ll be lots of fun! I love spending time with my dog Winnie as she loves to be outside in the fresh air where she can swim and catch the weeds (Her favorite past time!). And of course lovely romantic road trips with the boyfriend.

There are so many things we all wish we could do during the summer, and sometimes it’s hard to fit it all in with work schedules etc. So starting today for the whole summer I will be hitting the town, the roads and the weddings and fitting in all the activities I can with friends, family, boyfriend and dog (yes winnie you included). So take a page from my book (well blog) and plan your own fun summer activities from those categories or whatever categories you want! Let’s kick start summer the right way! It’s gonna be a blast!

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