Moments Like This

Hello my loyal readers! Hope everyone is doing well and had a great Valentines Day!

I had a great week, but of course I missed my boyfriend Shane in particular yesterday, as it is sad to be away from someone you love. Lately, I cannot not help but think about how great it will be when I get back and what I have to look forward to. It’s a nice picture: Seeing Shane, my friends and family, graduating, getting a new apartment….sigh, it sounds wonderful.

But wait a sec…all last year when I had Shane,my friends and family, was finishing up school, and was in a new apartment, I was looking forward to going to Sweden! Seems a little odd. Why do I always think about the future instead of living in the now???

Shane has brought this up to me on multiple occasions. I always talk about what’s ahead and he focuses on what’s happening now. I guess you could say we balance each other, but sometimes I think Shane is right. What’s wrong with living in the now?

I notice that many people think about the past, and to some degree wish to go back to that certain moment, or certain age. They almost wish they could have lived it better the first time; really appreciating what was happening right then. All we have next in life is the future, but once we have it, we think about the next thing. That is something I need to get away from.

I’m in an amazing place, with great people and so many memories to make! I know when I go home, I’ll miss it. So I should love each of those moments, and take in everything around me. 

I’ve know the future will always be there, and sometimes I do have to think about what’s ahead. But moments like this are rare, and I think I’d rather enjoy them than let them pass by. Sounds simple, but sometimes that can happen.

I think it’s good for everyone to think about. Take everything in, no regrets, take nothing for granted and really appreciate moments in life. 

With that, I am happy to have this moment! Sharing my experience with everyone, writing my thoughts and adventures with all my family, friends and fellow bloggers. I will never take this experience for granted. I know I will look back on this time away, not feeling sad, but feeling happy I had this amazing adventure and moments like this. 

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