Meg and Shane Versus Europe! Shane’s Visit and Our Trip to Copenhagen, Rome and Paris!


My boyfriend Shane was first to visit me during my exchange, and since I had some time off from school we decided to do a little tour of Copenhagen, Rome and Paris before stopping in Jonkoping!

Shane flew into Copenhagen airport and I met him at the train station! It was so nice to see him! It felt like we were in the Merci chocolate commercial! We just saw each other once I got off the train and I ran into his arms! Romantic or lame, however you want to look at it :p  (Merci for being youuuu!)

We booked a night at the Hilton so we could easily fly out the next day to Rome! Our hotel room was very nice! We went down to the bar and watched the U.S. Canada Olympic game and got a bite to eat before heading back to our room for a good night sleep.

The next day our flight was at 10:30 so we arrived a couple hours early to check in etc, and we took off no problem!

We got a shuttle from the airport in Rome to Vatican City and took a lovely stroll to our bed and breakfast! We were only ten minutes from St. Peters Square. So beautiful!



The first thing we did after visiting the Square was Castel Sant Angelo! It was an an amazing place. Courtesy of wikipedia, Castel Sant Angelo It was initially commissioned by the Roman Emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum  for himself and his family. The building was later used by the popes as a fortress and castle, and is now a museum. The Castel was once the tallest building in Rome.



After seeing the inside, we walked around the city for a bit and got a bite to eat!

We were quite tired that night and went to bed a bit early so we could have a full day of sightseeing tomorrow!

The next three days we did all the tourist sights. Walked along the tiber river, went to Spanish steps, Trevi Fountain, Coleseum, Altare Della Patria, Vatican Musuem, Villa Borghese gardens, Pantheon, everything! The lines were not too bad on this trip since it is off seasons I suppose! But there still were quite a few people, so is there really an off season in Rome?



There was enough room to sit by the fountain and enjoy some delicious Gelato. Shane kept making fun of me the whole trip because I got the same kind of Gelato every time (Stracciatella). In my defence I have tried many kinds of Gelato on my previous trip to Italy and I liked Stracciatella best, so sue me! I think it’s good to know what you want!





After four wonderful days in Rome, we headed out to Paris!

It was a bit rainy during the week but we still had a great time! When we arrived we walked to the Eiffel Tower which was only about 45 minutes from our hotel. We waited in line only for a half hour and got to see the view at night! We even had a glass of champagne at the top!

Unfortunately, there is a glitch with my blog right now and I am unable to upload more pictures (that is why it has taken a bit for this blog to be posted, as I was trying to fix it).

But once I do fix it, I will post the rest of the photos from my trip!

The next few days in Paris we went to the Louvre and and Les Invalides museums (since it was so rainy). We ate snails and waffles to our hearts content! Yummy! We of course also went to the opera house, Arc de Triomphe, champs d’elysees – all the classic Paris attractions. Shane seemed to really enjoy Paris!

We went to Notre Dame and the Shakespeare and Co bookstore (which is my favourite bookstore ever). I have been there twice before and had never bought a book from there so I decided maybe it was time haha. So I purchased my favourite play Twelfth Night! It’s a really neat place. Upstairs they have a huge collection of books that you can sit and read (they are not for sale). I went upstairs and saw a sweet white cat asleep on the chair. So  paris!

After the bookstore we went to Breakfast in America where my sister used to work when she lived in Paris back in 2010/2011! It was just like I remembered! I had a delicious breakfast (american breakfast – eggs, bacon, toast, hash browns) and an oreo milkshake.

It was nice to visit Paris again, it is such a nice city.

Traveling back to Copenhagen went fine, and Shane and I took the train to Jonkoping for two days! We relaxed for both days since it was rainy and not great for walking around, but Shane got a taste for the exchange life! Everyone was happy to meet him! Of course Shane charmed them all : )

We spent one more night in Copenhagen so that Shane wouldn’t have to rush to catch his flight. It was nice to show him around Copenhagen. It’s one of my favourite cities I think.

We were so tired of eating out so we decided to get something quick and bring it back to our hotel. We got thai food (lol). It was delicious though.

The rest of the night we watched Jimmy Fallon as if we were back home in Halifax. It was hard to see Shane go home without me going with him, but I know I will see him soon enough. Shane was a bit sad to not have me come as well but I told him to enjoy the single life for awhile as I will be annoying him soon!

We said our goodbyes at the airport and went our separate ways. Shanes flight went well with no delays (he flew through London and then to Halifax). My dog Winnie was so happy to see him (as my Dad picked him up at the airport and brought him to our house). Shane teased her by saying “Wheres mum?” And she got excited and ran to the door (mean…teasing my baby like that!)

We had a wonderful time in Europe, and I hope we can return sometime in the future to explore more places together! For now I will have to do my exploring without him, but soon enough I will be back in Canada with my usual routine so I have to enjoy these next few months!

Stay tuned for more posts!

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