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We have all been there. You are feeling pumped up and confident one morning and then you go about your day and run into a jerk who makes you want to explode with anger. It can be anyone at anytime….co workers, family, friends boyfriend or girlfriend…it doesn’t matter, the same feelings arise. But no matter, when I’m starting to feel like exploding these days I instead laugh it off.

It definitely doesn’t necessarily mean completely letting go of your feelings and ignoring the act the negative nelly just committed, it means taking in a perspective that no one is going to break me down today. It still means you kick butt and be assertive but at the same time keeping a positive attitude and realizing is this really a big deal? Why do we let people bother us! If we feel good about ourselves WHO CARES ABOUT ANYONE ELSE? Use your judgement. Even if it’s you that’s being a jerk and some one calls you out, just apologize and laugh it off, don’t feel angry or guilty for how you acted or how you were corrected…it can go both ways for any situation.

Family is the toughest because sometimes it seems that they aren’t always on your side but in reality they feel comfortable enough to say whatever to you because let’s face it, family is forever. Do you want to be estranged from that annoying sister or cocky brother? I’m not saying you need to be best friends, but in the end you gotta keep the peace. No one wants to be without family…you stick with them for the good and the bad, but the key is to make your presence known, peacefully. Don’t let them push you around or belittle your dreams. Your family is just looking out for you…and if they say you can’t do something don’t make a fuss, just PROVE THEM WRONG!
Friends come and go, but you always have some friends that no matter what they do you will always be friends, so it’s about choosing friends that are good for you and letting go of the ones who really add no benefit or joy in your life. I have many friends of all shapes and sizes and cultures and languages. We are all so different with different upbringings, education families etc. But even when they dont text me back or they’re quite busy for the next month or so doesn’t mean they don’t care. Sometimes we talk every day, sometimes if might be a month til we talk….I don’t care, because when we do talk its as if no time has passed and they are still the greatest friend in the world. I look for friends who are supportive, good listeners, interested in my life and also have ambitions.
It’s hard to find these types of people that you can rely on, but once you do hold on to them! You and your friends may not always be on the same page 100% of the time, but you know when you have a close friend when they say “What the heck did you just say?” lol….


We have to take people for what they are, we can’t change people and we can’t change who we are as a person. If someone you know criticizes you or are not understanding of your feelings….oh well. Speak your peace, but let it go.

Keep this in mind, simple as can be….we are entitled to our own feelings. You can feel what you want, and they can feel what they want….nothing more to it than that. Express it, get past it, laugh it off. Don’t let people tell you your feelings are wrong. They can’t decide that. At the end of the day, they are not you and they are not living your life.
We live our lives our way, and no one else should dictate our wants and dreams or feelings, but unfortunately this is the world we live in. The only thing we can do is be confident and secure in ourselves…lol can also mean lots of love.
So feel good about yourself, keep good relationships close, laugh off the haters and find what makes you happy and go with it.

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