Less mess is best! The first step in overcoming mental illness

There are many ways to improve our mental health. Some ways work better or differently for others, but once you find what works for you, it’s golden. Sometimes when you are so down it’s hard to want to go out and exercise or finish homework, but sometimes the last thing we want to do that day is what we need most. Easier said than done though right!?

It comes down to our own personal strength. We might not be able to always feel 100% but our strength is what gets us through each day (and I think that is impressive!) We face what seems impossible every day! That cheers me up in itself.
The first thing I always do when I’ve had a few weeks of down in the dumps is to get re organized. I’m great at being organized for the most part, but then when life gets busy its easy to just toss your stuff on the nearest table. But then you end up with clutter which just makes you feel ugh!
The key and start to a good mental health kick is to have a clean, organized environment. I always recruit my mum sometimes to help me with my spring cleaning and de cluttering! If you have that someone who will help, it’s great and more fun. You get to spend time together and it feels less like an annoying task.
Here are some of the best ways to be organized that I have found helpful!
How to be organized at school:

How to be organized at work:

Organized in general or at home:

There you go! It’s good to find what works for you, so find out your own ways to be organized and share away! We have to stick together! 🙂


– Monomeg

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