Jag älskar Jönköping!

I love Jonkoping and studying abroad! I am really enjoying my time here so far, but how could I not with such a great town, friends and school! Sometimes when I’m walking out and about alone I catch myself thinking “I can’t believe I’m here, and “this is really happening!” This time last year I was just applying to the exchange program, and it always seemed so far away, like a dream. But now here it is, a reality! I’m having so much fun already, so I cannot wait to see how the next five months go!

On Sunday my friend from Ecuador Daniela and I went on a big walk around Jonkoping! It took us four hours, but we saw a lot of the town! We walked down one of the main shopping streets and looked at some churches and then walked towards the lake and all along the beach.






Once we got to the end of the path, we trekked up a big hill to a beautiful cemetery that had an amazing view of the lake. You might find it weird that I said the cemetery was beautiful, because graveyards are supposed to be depressing, but this one was beautifully landscaped with big trees, and bushes. I didn’t take any pictures though because I thought it wouldn’t be respectful.

We continued from the graveyard up the hill further to a nice park that is around a residential area. The homes are so lovely! Very European with the small streets that can only fit one car. The hills were so steep in that area that we could hear the screeching of car wheels as people were trying to drive up the icy hill.

Walk 8


Walk 7

We went into the park, and it is very nice! It has an amazing view of the whole town!

Walk 10    Walk 11

Walk 13   Walk 12

It also has playgrounds, and a stadium. It will be really nice to go there once the weather gets better.

From the park, we walked down the hill towards the downtown area, and I showed Daniela where St. Franciskus is. When we went inside the church it was so cozy warm and peaceful. I lit a candle and said a little prayer (“for youuuuu”) before we left.

When we left the church we decided to go back to our residence. We were so cold!!

When I got home there was a bunch of food on the dining room table! Rachel and others in our res got ingredients to make Nachos for everyone for supper that night!

We all pitched in for the ingredients, and they made five plates! They had beef, peppers, chilies, mushrooms, and onions (and of course cheese) on them!


We all sat in the dining room and ate (as the Australians would say) “heaps!”

It was so delicious. I think it will become a regular thing at Delta house! People from other residences heard about it and said “I’m coming next time!”

On Monday it was back to class! My project management class seems really interesting and the teacher is very good! It’s kind of nice having a different schedule every week because sometimes I get days off, which is a nice change.

When class was done at 12 I met up with my friend Daniela again and we had lunch before setting out on a journey to pick up my textbook. I had ordered my textbook for project management on Amazon and I missed the delivery, so I had to take a bus to the depot and pick it up.

The BEST part of the day was when Daniela and I went to this bakery/coffee place close to our res. I ordered a Semla dessert and a vanilla steamer and it was delicious! The foam was amazing and so creamy, and the Semla tasted exactly like our family friend Annmarie’s swedish coffee bread! I wish I could bring one back for you and Nancy Annmarie!


Vanilla steamer and Semla, sooo good!
Me and Daniela!


Daniela had a marble cake cupcake! Not sure what it is called in Sweden! :p

When Daniela and I finished at the bakery, we went to Hemkopp grocery store to get some groceries! She told me she doesn’t know how to cook so I offered to teach her a few basic cooking skills! And in return she will teach me ballet! It’s a good deal!!

Today (Monday) I had an appointment to get my biometrics and photo taken for my residence permit card. Canadian’s are advised to complete that upon arrival in Sweden instead of getting it done back home. It took only five minutes to get everything done and they said my card would be ready in five to ten days. I’ll be happy to have the card because then I can get an account with a Swedish bank! SEB bank apparently allows people to open accounts for six months, whereas the others do not, so I am happy about that!

It was a very eventful and productive couple days! I feel like I still have so much to tell everyone but if I wrote about everything in this post I think it would never end, so I am going to break it up over the next few days.

Stay tuned until then…vi ses!

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