I’m Busy and Tired

“I am so busy and tired!”  Do you ever get irked when people say this? Apparently many people are irked after seeing Jillian Michaels post about being tired because according to their comments they are just as or if not more tired than she is and how dare she say such a thing. When I read this I could not believe how a harmless venting session turned into a “my horse is bigger than your horse” situation.

We all have different stories and things happening in our life and of course someone’s plate can become a bit heavy at times it doesn’t give someone the right to shame someone else. Everyone has their own problems and struggles and no one should be able to tell someone off for expressing their own daily frustrations and struggles. What happened to compassion guys? When we have had a hard day we usually are hard on ourselves most, why in the world do we need someone else contributing to that fire?

I definitely get frustrated at times when friends say they are too busy to hang out but yet I try to have compassion and understand what they are going through and have no judgement. We are not the same person. We handle our schedules differently and I cannot expect someone to think and act exactly as I do as that is not realistic.

Everyone’s problems are their own. Whenever you start to feel judgement coming out of you, stop and think. It still happens to me from time to time as of course as we humans have opinions, but what I do is take a step back and realize – to each their own. We can’t decide that someone is not struggling as we may not know the full story.  Recognize that that person is suffering and have compassion no matter how rude they are being because usually when someone is a bully or judgemental, they most likely suffer inside for some reason.

Before spreading hate, remove yourself, take a walk in their shoes and have compassion. It has helped me to feel more positive and happy in my life; a feeling I will never get tired of.

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