If Studying Abroad Was An Easy Thing To Do…




Okay, not going to lie…the past few weeks have been stressful. I have been on a roller coaster ride trying to get all of my paperwork and applications done, but it seems there is always an obstacle or a very long wait. I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy. If studying abroad was an easy thing to do, more people would do it, so it goes to show how long and difficult the process can be. I don’t mind the applications and such, but it is the waiting and the unknown that is frustrating/nerve wracking. I will not know my class schedule or where I will be living until I get there…and I am the type of person who likes to plan ahead and have everything ready to go, so this is not easy for me. But I know I can’t have everything go my way all of the time.

I am stressed about my residence permit because it takes about three months to process (and obviously I leave in less than three months). I am still waiting for my passport, bank statements, proof of health coverage etc., so I haven’t even sent in my application yet!!

Also, I am trying to book a flight to Jonkoping for the first week of January but no luck (which is weird). There are no flights to Jonkoping that week apparently…but that doesn’t make sense. So this is frustrating as well.




Okay (Insert deep breath here) when I start getting worked up about this stuff, I have press pause for a minute and think it through.




 Lately when I am in the midst of a stressful freak out I start to think about what it is I’m stressed about. Why is this so stressful? And when I ask myself this I am more so meaning, what is there to be stressed about? The answer is NOTHING! This process is time consuming and frustrating yes, but the outcome is positive! I am planning to go abroad, in Europe for six months; I should be on top of the world! It’s not an opportunity everyone gets to have. I should be positive and excited instead of irritated and stressed.

When I feel stressed, I list reasons as to why I should not be stressed, and it usually looks something like this:

Why I shouldn’t be stressed:

  1. I have an amazing opportunity to study abroad in Sweden for six months, and it is not something everyone gets to do.
  2. JIBS (Jonkoping International Business School) looks like an amazing school, and I know it will be an amazing experience.
  3. I get to travel (which is my passion)




4. My family and friends are very supportive and are here for me through every step of the process

5. My exchange advisor is very helpful and supportive and has answered all of my questions and addressed my concerns promptly.

6. All of the people I have dealt with (in terms of applications and documents) have been very nice and helpful.

 And finally…

7. Whatever will be will be. It this is meant to happen it’ll happen. Everything thing will work out somehow.



Number 7 is very important. I have to remember the quote “Man Plans and God Laughs”, because not everything is under my control. I have to remind myself to go with the flow, and if I don’t go abroad it’s not because I didn’t try, it’s because it wasn’t meant to be, and I have to accept that if that’s the case. I can think of the next exciting thing to do, and go with that. I’ll always have something to blog about if I seize opportunities.

Life can be stressful, and there are definitely way more stressful things than studying abroad. Even if it’s a big or small problem, stress can always appear.  In the end it’s our attitude that determines whether we stay stressed or let go and move forward. Gee…I need to listen to my own advice 😉

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  1. Hi meghan, I hear you loud and clear…I recall a number of hoops that Charlotte went through en route to Sweden including the very sad , lonely phone call the first week she arrived.But since then she has never looked back. You might want to connect with her on FB…she was in Orebro and was asking me specifically where you were going…I wasn’t much help except to tell her I couldn’t pronounce it…it’s a beautiful country though and everyone there really is blonde…you will fit right in and many people speak English. Keep at it honey…it’s an opportunity too good to pass up!

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