Hello Jonkoping!!!

So I finally made it to Jonkoping (I bet you never thought it would happen! LOL). It’s been a long year of applications and fear of the unknown but I have finally made it. Thanks to all the readers for sticking with me so far! It’s just getting good, so stay with me! : )

 I left from Toronto on January 1st. My flight was at 8:12 pm, so I had a nice day prior to my departure relaxing, finishing up packing and hanging out with my sis Amy and her boyfriend Tate. 

 I booked with Icelandair in the economy comfort class, which allowed me to have shorter line up time and a fancy lounge! I was so happy my flight was on time, and we took off no problem! It was amazing on my flights (and I am usually a nervous flyer). I was bumped up to first class for both flights and it was really nice!


Free everything, and the bonus was I got a great seat mate to chat to! Sadly she was not going to Jonkoping but to England so we only had one flight together.

 I made my connecting flight in Iceland to Stockholm no problem. It was a bit of a rush but it was fine. I arrived in Stockholm at around noon. I got my bags very quickly, but when I picked up my largest suitcase I noticed it was partially opened on one side 🙁 I only lost some socks and one shoe so that’s good (but the shoes were actually very cute…sigh).

 I didn’t have to go through customs when I got to Sweden which I found odd, but when I asked someone they said I was already “stamped” in Iceland, so  that was easy!

 I got on the free bus shuttle to my hotel and was there in five minutes. My  hotel was very nice! I was a little confused on how the lights worked. You have to put your key card into a slot to turn the lights on (maybe it’s so people won’t forget their card in the room?)

 I stayed in the room for the rest of the day and night as I was so tired and woke up early the next day to grab breakfast, check out and catch my trains to Jonkoping!

 It was very easy to find my way at the train stations. The only hard part was carrying my luggage up the steep steps. A lot of people helped me but most of the time they had to throw it up the stairs for me!

 My first train was from Stockholm Central to Nassjo which took about 2 and a half hours and then I caught the train from Nassjo to Jonkoping. It was really great when I caught my second train as I made friends with a Swedish woman and she traveled to Jonkoping all the time because she had family there, so she knew which platform to go on and when to get off etc. We had a great time chatting! She told me a lot about Sweden and I about Canada. She said her daughter was an au pair in Winnipeg some years ago and she got to visit her, so that was interesting!

 When we got to Jonkoping she made sure I had people there to pick me up before leaving for her bus. Such a nice lady!

 There was a bunch of students waiting by a sign that said Jonkoping University and soon we were piled into a van to go to the accommodation office to receive our keys and sign our contracts. I was with a group of Chinese students who came together and when I told them I came alone they said “You are brave!”.

 I got my first choice of residence! It is right in the city and is closest to the university, shopping etc. The best part is all of the rooms are single rooms so it’s nice to have my own space. My room is a great size! I have a wardrobe, large shelf, desk and single bed with a big window that faces the main street and all the shops. Jonkoping is very beautiful! It’s right on a lake, and still has a lot of Christmas lights on the buildings!











The residence I live at is above a club and has five floors. I am on the first floor (sigh, as the music from the club is very loud, but oh well). When I arrived I was the only person on my floor, so I unpacked as I waited for more people to arrive. So far only two other people have come! They are two boys from Australia and Mexico, so it’s a neat mix! They are very nice and we chatted for most of the night!

 The next day the three of us went shopping to the big shopping center called A6. We took the bus that was right down the street and it was only about a 7 minute ride. The shopping center is quite big (it seems to be built in an old factory or something).

 I was quite productive with my shopping. I got my new cell phone plan, got all my bedding and home stuff at Ikea, bought a new cell phone charger and laptop cord (my converter exploded with smoke in the middle of the night, so no way was I gonna use that anymore and burn the place down the first week). I also was happy to find a hair dryer and straightener at an electronics store (odd, but convenient).

 When we got back to the residence there were more people arriving so the boys helped bring their stuff upstairs, and planned to go out together later in the evening.

 Four of us went out to eat, and I had barely eaten anything in four days so it was nice to have a good meal. I wasn’t very fancy in my selection, pasta Bolognese, but I didn’t want to experiment too much from not having eaten much. It was very good! Before going back to the res we got groceries which is right around the corner from our building (I picked a good accommodation). I bought a few things for a couple days, and some shampoo etc. 

 Afterwards we met up with more people – one from Finland, Austria, Brazil and Turkey and we went to an Irish pub up the street from our res. We had a couple drinks and chatted and watched the hockey game.

 After a few hours we went back to our res and watched some videos of previous kick off weeks. Two of the boys we met have been here for 6 months already so they were telling us what it was like. It seems like kick off week is going to be a blast! I’m glad to meet more people before school starts on the fourteenth. I still do not know what my classes are but there is a meeting we have to attend on Tuesday where we find everything out.

 Tomorrow I am planning to go to mass with one of the boys on my floor so that is exciting! I’m glad to have a church buddy!

 I haven’t been able to take much photos of the town yet, but I’m hoping to tomorrow so I will post them soon!

 So, so far so good! It’s a weird feeling, being in a strange place with no one you know but I find it exciting! May as well make the most of it. Sure I will miss home, but I will never have this experience again so I gotta live it up!

 Stayed tuned for more pictures and kick off week! I can’t wait : )

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4 thoughts on “Hello Jonkoping!!!

  1. Wow. So grown up. What a great adventure. Sounds like there will be a lot of students from all over so you can start this adventure together.

  2. Meg, I’m so glad you’re safe & sound and having a great time! Can’t wait to read more about your adventures! : )

  3. what a nice story to wake up to!sounds wonderful, and i bet you can’t wait to hit the books – haha! love mom and dad, oh and winnie,too

  4. Hi, Megan! We are so happy that you are there safe and sound. It sounds like you are having a great time already. Looking forward to more news and photos. Glen and Ann-Marie

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