Hello Canada!

I’m baaackk!


After a long six months I am finally back home in Canada! It has been busy few months leading up to my return home which I plan to recap to you all in the next little while.

I returned home on the 15th of June! My sister Allison and boyfriend Shane picked my parents and I up from the airport after our lovely cruise vacation (more to come on that later). Our dog Winnie was excitedly waiting in the car and was so excited when she saw us! Missed my sweet little girl!

It was so nice especially to see Shane, since it had been since March when I saw him and I had seen Allison only a few weeks prior to my parents visiting. Allison took Mom, Dad and Winnie in her car while Shane and I had a nice drive home together, I missed that car!

Shane picked up some delicious Jessey’s pizza that evening and we chowed down before heading to bed.

The next day I woke up at 5 am. A little jet lagged maybe?? :p I couldn’t get back to sleep so instead I thought I’d start my laundry. I guess I was noisy because Dad soon poked his head down the stairs and asked what I was doing. I said “did I wake you?” And he replied “No, your mother and I are both up”. I guess we were all feeling jet lagged. Poor Shane was still trying to sleep. Sorry!

You have no idea how nice it was to do laundry. For the past six months I have had to book a time slot to do laundry and usually I only had a time once a week, so having the freedom to do laundry any time and for as long as I wanted felt great! (Sorry Sweden).

Gosh I must be back to Canada because I am starting to apologize so much again…it’s hard to break the habit (sorry hehe).

Once Shane got up and the laundry situation was under control, he took me out for breakfast at our favourite diner. It was so nice to have  BLT again! We drove around for awhile before stopping at Bell Aliant to get my phone sorted. I was so glad to get my phone back in order and immediately started messaging everyone!

That night Shane made us all a lovely barbecue with chicken, sausages and potatoes. Yummmy.

Then like old times I went into Shanes apartment and we hung out with our roommate Brittany which was nice.

What was even better was my sister Amy came to visit that weekend with her awesome friend Carrie-Anne so we could see the venue, meet the caterer and photographer for her wedding next July! We even went dress shopping on the Saturday which was so fun! Sadly I was sick with a cold that weekend so I was not as peppy as usual but I still had a great time with them.

After all this excitement, do I miss Sweden you ask? Of course It feels sad to have left Sweden and my friends, however I am very glad to be back to something familiar and especially my home with my dog and my bed!!! I have been texting my exchange friends like mad and have even skyped with some since returning home, so I am doing well with keeping in touch!

Now all that is left is to see the rest of my extended family! This past week Shane and I came to New Brunswick to see his family which has been nice, so I’m covering all my bases in a short few weeks!

My first few weeks at home have been great so far, and now I am ready to get back into the swing of things and get a job and then move into my new apartment in September! For now I shall update you in the coming weeks/days on my travels and last fun moments in Sweden.

Thanks for waiting and stay tuned for more posts! Monomeg is not going anywhere!


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  1. Hey Meg, so glad you had a good first few weeks home! Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your trip with your parents. Skype soon please ! X

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