First Hockey Game in Sweden!

Tonight my friends from res and I all got tickets to a hockey game! It was a great time!

The australians were particularly excited because they had never been to a hockey game before!

The two teams playing were HV71(Jonkoping) and Skelleftea AIK (Skelleftea). Both are Swedish professional hockey teams and they play in the SHL (Swedish Hockey League) which is the top tier league.

We took a bus for ten minutes to get to the arena and it was packed! The seats are go up so high and it’s really steep looking down from your seat (as you can see from the pics!)

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This game was unlike anything I’ve witnessed back home! There are fans who chant the whole time, and there is even a person playing the drum in rhythm with the chants! They were yelling different chants the whole time, and it seemed pretty organized! It was also loud because of the noise makers they provided at the stadium. Everyone was really into it!

They would chant even louder when Skelleftea had the puck which is different than at home. Usually we only cheer if our team has the puck. My friend Gig told me that it’s to motivate the home team to get the puck back, which makes sense I suppose!

My Australian friends asked a lot of questions about hockey which I hopefully answered correctly. If my boyfriend Shane was here I’m sure he could have explained it much better, but when I told Shane what I told my friends he said I did a good job! So I guess I know more than I realized! (Or Shane is just being nice…hmmm)

Another funny thing they would do is when someone scored a goal, the announcer would loudly shout out the person’s first name and the arena would follow by yelling their last name! Very nice!

It was very cute at half time as they had a bunch of children playing hockey games in the rink before 2nd period! They seemed very proud of themselves, as they should be! They were all very good!

The most important thing…HV won the game!!! It was 4-2! Really intense and so fun to watch! Everyone was really please! And the best part was it was really easy to get out of the arena and catch our bus. We were home quickly.

After all the excitement we were so hungry which made Viivi and Rachel yell out “Time for second dinner!” (We eat a lot here…haha, mostly chocolate 😉 )

I did my part and brought up a delicious chocolate bar for everyone to munch on! The boys have been buying chocolate for us girls so I thought I should return the favour!

I really hope to go to another game sometime soon! I think everyone should at least once while they’re here. Hopefully I can bring my friends and family when they visit! Something to look forward to!


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  1. Sounds really fun, Meg! It’s funny that they cheer louder for the other team though, although I guess it does make sense in a way! Glad you had fun 🙂 Talk to you soon.

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