Falling into the mono lifestyle

There is something about fall that I have always loved. The beautiful scenery, all the fun activities like thanksgiving and Halloween and most importantly the start of a new year. Every September feels like a fresh start, a new beginning and a chance to grow and improve. As a kid, I remember starting the new school year feeling determined to better myself and seize opportunities, and now as an adult, that mentality has stayed with me. We all have hectic schedules, and sometimes it’s hard to find peace in our busy lifestyles. We quickly dive into our jobs and responsibilities without realizing that we aren’t looking after number one, ourselves. We go go go and then get to the point that we need a break, and sometimes it feels like we will never get one. We all get stressed and feel like everyone else has it together, but in reality that is not true! We all struggle the same, and all have our own doubts and worries, but the upside to that is being able to talk about it and share stories and coping skills that can better others and ourselves. So with that, the new monomeg chapter will feature everyday common stresses and obstacle many of us face and how to deal with those situations. Everyone of course copes with stress differently, and some ideas may not work for everyone, however it’s a chance to get talking and see what can be effective, and seizing the day and making a change for a better lifestyle.

I hope to pick a different topic every week or two to focus on and try the techniques myself and report on what others and myself found helpful and what was not helpful. So I welcome any feedback, comments, topics from anyone who is interested! Let’s all remember to live the mono way and start living for ourselves.

Happy start to fall everyone!

(photo credit http://thefisheriesblog.com/2013/09/30/the-other-side-of-fall-leaves/)

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