My study abroad experience is now becoming (an official) reality! I booked my plane ticket on the weekend and also applied for my work permit!!! I have been planning and applying for this since January of this year and I can’t believe how fast the year has gone. Now that everything is done my nerves are acting up! My family has had to deal with my excitement and nervousness for the past few months (sorry guys) and I know it must be getting tiring. I almost feel like Mrs. Bennett from Pride and Prejudice- “Have you any consideration for my poor nerves!!”My family is definitely Mr. Bennet in this scenario as they would reply (as he did) “You mistake me, my dear. I have the utmost respect for your nerves. They’ve been my constant companion these twenty years” (or in my case the past 23 years!).

So with the excitement comes nervousness and fear. Fear of the unknown, and fearing the mono experience that I have been building up the courage to face. Will I be lonely? Can I be independent? Will I be homesick? Will I make friends? Will I overall like this? I have asked all these questions to myself on a day to day basis ever since I applied. But with these questions, I have tried to suppress and doubt I have in myself and take a leap of faith and be BRAVE. I tell myself “I can do anything!” I need to be confident and go to Sweden without any specific expectations and take it a day at a time and thrive in every moment, whether it’s amazing or challenging. I am ready for whatever comes my way!
So whether it be travelling abroad, applying for a job, going to school or simply going to the dentist there are always challenges that you can face in any situation. But it’s better to take a leap of faith and just do it even if you have the slightest bit of doubt in yourself and the outcome. You will gain a new perspective and a sense of self-worth and independence when you step out of your comfort zone. Just get out there, know what you want, say what you want, and tell yourself to be BRAVE! Take it from Sara Bareilles, she knows what she’s talking about!

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