And Now for the Main Event! Monomeg in Sweden! Let’s Get Ready to Study Abroad!!!

Veronika and Viivi from Austria and Finland!

Wow! What a week. Just like I’ve bombarded you with a long title, I’ve been bombarded with overalls, patches, social activities and new friends! And though it has been a lot, I have to say it’s been amazing! I didn’t know what to expect once I arrived in Sweden, but having no specific expectations has made the experience that much more exciting and adventurous! I’m jumping into this new life with both feet, opening my mind to new things and settling in happily.

 Orientation last week was good! They introduced us to the school, what we needed to do to set up a student card, printing, courses, where to pay our membership fees, where the health center is, what career counseling is, what other services are offered on campus, everything! We even learned about the laws in Sweden from a police officer and got some advice on how to write papers, do well at the university and about Swedish culture! It was very informative.

Viivi, Philip and Veronika at Orientation!
Gig and Harry at Orientation!

We were all asked to introduce ourselves, and say where we are from and why we chose jibs! There are so many international students and they are from all over the world. Some came in groups from the same university and others came alone like me! There were a few Canadian’s – most were from Toronto (and those from Toronto went to Dalhousie University which is right around the corner from my school!).  There were also people from Quebec and B.C. When it came to my turn I said I chose jibs because I had always wanted to travel to Sweden and the courses seemed really interesting!

 We were also introduced to the student union where we were divided into groups (where we would do our social activities). Me and most of my friends were in group 2 which are called “The Mighty Ducks”. They are a very passionate group! That night we had our first social activity, but first we had to buy our green overalls! The overalls are a tradition at JIBS (I’m not sure about the rest of Sweden) where each school has their own color and you can earn patches/badges for events you attend during the introduction weeks. As you can see the business schools color is green!


So far I have earned two patches and a JIBS towel! There are also rules associated with these overalls. I can’t remember them all but the main one was you cannot wash the overalls unless you are wearing them while washing, interesting…

 That night we went to someone’s house for a pre party and then went out to a pub!

We met some nice people in our group and everyone was really fun and welcoming!


For the next few nights there was always something on, and by the end of the week I was tired from all the outings! It was nice to have Sunday and Monday to relax before the rest of the activities this week!


But once the activities end and I am back in my bed, I still can’t believe I’m actually here and I made my dream a reality! I love everything about Jonkoping!


The town is so awesome! So homey and lovely people! I love the Swedes and also my international friends I’ve met so far! Everyone is so much fun and so nice!


I also love the school! It is so neat how they built the campus!

The business school JIBS (where I take classes is the round white building! Such a beautiful campus!)


My room is starting to feel like home, my little haven. It’s small but it’s perfect for 5’1 me.


My residence is so close to everything! I can’t say enough about how great that is. It was a pain the past four months in Canada getting up at 5 am to go to school because it was a far away drive/bus ride, but now I get up 45 minutes before class.

Oh class! I bet you all are wondering how that’s going. Well so far I only have had one class – Project Management, but so far the school schedule in Sweden seems great! I have lectures, an exam and a project, so it doesn’t seem as demanding as SMU (where you take five classes, bleh). My second class starts tomorrow – Supply Chain Management so hopefully the teacher is as good as my other class and the course outline is alright. In Sweden they don’t just call anyone who teaches a “professor”, they have to have a lot of education, (PhD) and research published etc before they are given that title (apparently).

Another thing that is different from the school system at home is that my class schedule is not the same every week, it changes a lot. Sometimes I have classes on Mondays and Thursdays one week, then just Wednesdays and Fridays another, then Monday-Thursday…so I better stay on top of that!

 The grocery stores are pretty good where I live! I’d really like to go to a big store sometime to see what they have, but for now the little shops are fine. I’ve had some yummy meals so far!

 The best part of being here and experiencing this town and all it offers me is when I get to share it with someone else!! I will be possibly having visitors during my stay!! Shane and I are trying to work out a time for him to come in February, as well as book a little trip away for the two of us! Also, my sisters and possibly boyfriends of those sisters might come visit in April and then my parents are coming in June! I’m so excited to show them around, and I’m sure by the time they come I’ll know much more!


There is so much to squeeze in during my stay here in Sweden, but I hope to fit in as much as I can. My friends and I are trying to plan some trips for the next coming months, so it’s about to get even more exciting. You shall hear all about it soon!


Hope you’re enjoying my blog so far! I know I am supposed to be advocating my monomeg persona for my study abroad experience, but right now I feel far away from alone! Sure I came here alone, and I am living through this as one person, but I have great new friends and support from family and friends back home that I am so far from alone! Maybe I’m supposed to feel sad and homesick, but what’s the point? It’s too early to feel that! Six months left to go, so I can’t give in now! I’m happy to be here, and I know I will never have this experience again so time to let go of fear, and live for the FOMO and YOLO moments!


Thank you Sweden, and Goodnight! You’ve been amazing so far! Xoxo (gossip girl….JK! silly me…)

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  1. Love reading all about your experiences Megan. You write with such great details that I feel as though I’m there too. We are all so very, very happy for you!
    You’re a wonderful ambassador for Canada. Proud of you!
    Missing you.
    Joanne xo

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