“All Roads Lead To Rome” (And Paris)

I am very excited to announce that my boyfriend Shane has just booked his ticket to come visit in February!!!!!!!

He is flying on the 20th to Copenhagen and we are going to meet up and stay the night before heading to Rome and Paris for a week!! We are so excited to see each other and go on a romantic adventure!

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We had a hard time choosing where to go at first. Shane said he was happy to go anywhere, but I then realized Shane was (as usual) being his nice self, and was wanting to go wherever I wanted. Since this is my third trip to Europe, I put my foot down and said it was his turn to choose (since he has never been!) After days of trying to persuade him to tell me where he wanted to go, he finally cracked and said Rome and Paris! He felt bad to go there since I have already been to Rome once and Paris twice, but who wouldn’t love to go again!?

Picture of the Coliseum from my first trip to Roma!


Spanish Steps!

Picture my sister Ally took! Beautiful!
Bastille Day! Amazing Fireworks. Thousands of people. A night I’ll never forget!

We have booked everything for our trip! Flights, hotels etc, and we have even decided on the excursions we want to take. Now we just have the waiting game….

It’s been tough being apart from each other for so long 🙁 Of course I am glad to be here and I am having a lot of fun, but it is still hard to be away from Shane and my family! I’m human, I feel homesick! It’s normal to feel this way sometimes, but I refuse to let it bring me down! I just keep busy and chat with my family and friends whenever I can. I know that it’s only six months until I am home with everyone again and I need to enjoy every moment!

Especially now that Shane is coming to visit, I have something to look forward to. It will be hard to say goodbye to him for another three months, but I am exciting for what lies ahead for us! We have been together for almost five years and six months so I know he’s not going anywhere (right babe? 😉 )

We have gone through hard times and long distance before back home, but if we got through that in the past we can get through it again!

Studying abroad can be lonely sometimes, and can make you miss the comforts of home, but I am glad to be having this experience.

All I need to do is have faith, have courage, and know everything will work out fine!

As my friend Emily once said “Live Your Life! Love Your Life! No!” Meaning, live each day to the fullest, love everything you do, and have no regrets, negativity or self doubt. 

With that I am excited to have this experience knowing that I will soon see Shane and we will “‘Rome'” where we want to” and realize (especially you Shane) that “Paris is ALWAYS a good idea!”







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