It’s official! I have been accepted to Jonkoping International Business School!! I got my acceptance letter from JIBS on Friday! I still however have a lot to do to get ready for my departure. I applied for accommodation on Thursday (they set specific dates for when you can do this). I had to select my three dorm options that I preferred, and fill out whether I wanted a shared room (I checked no, I’d like to have my own room!). I also had to list my priorities in terms of location, noise etc. I said I preferred to be closer to campus first, and said I didn’t mind noise (the residence I want is above a club so if I said I didn’t like noise I probably would not get that one!). All that is left for JIBS is to let them know the date I will be arriving so they can pick me up at the airport.

Phew! I’m glad that is done, but now I have to apply for my residence permit. Here is the link for the requirements to study in Sweden:

If I want to study in Sweden for more than three months I have to have a residence permit granted before I enter Sweden. My passport must also be valid for at least three months after the intended departure date from the EU.

To apply for a residence permit you need to:

–        Complete the application form

–        Have a valid passport

–        Have the acceptance letter from the institution where you will be studying (list your program and dates of study)

–        Have proof of sufficient funds for the entire study period (approx. $1100 a month). You have to get a statement from your bank.

–        Have proof of medical insurance. JIBS has medical insurance for when I’m in Sweden but if I wish to travel to other countries I need to get that through my home health benefits.

This application can take up to three months to process so I’m not sure how it will work out in time, but I am just going with the flow for now and hopefully everything will work out! Wish me luck!



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