Mental Health In Mind https://mental-health-in-mind.com/about/We live and experience life the only way we can, through ourselves. Seems simple and obvious yes, but for those facing mental illness living our best life is a challenge.

That’s why I’ve created Mental Health In Mind to help others, like myself, overcome mental illness and have the life we deserve.

This website is a library of my own personal favourite websites/resources that have helped me through difficult times. I thought having a one stop shop may be helpful for others!

Although the power is in us to build the life we want, having love and support from family, friends and the community makes all the difference. I hope you enjoy and take advantage of these tools and embrace your inner strength. We all have our own battle to fight but that doesn’t mean we can’t battle together!




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    1. Happy to! Thank you for your kind words. I will definitely check it out again. Have a great weekend!

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