3 Tips for Combating Restlessness

3 Tips for Combatting Restlessness https://mental-health-in-mind.com/3-tips-for-combating-restlessness/

Lately I’ve been feeling restless. My mind is constantly reminding me of all the things I need to be doing, and I’ve barely had a moment to relax. I’ve now gone from laziness to extreme productivity. Why is it all or nothing with me!? I suppose that happens when you have mental illness, however it is another bad habit creeping in. So in the past week I have worked on finding a balance and so far I have seen results!

Here is what I did to combat restlessness:

  1. Time Management

First I decided I needed to divide my time appropriately instead of focusing on just work. I struggle with this because I’m a bit of a free spirit. I cannot schedule my day down to the minute, ever. So I looked to find a time management method that works for me. I found a great article that lists 12 different ways you can structure your day: https://www.themuse.com/advice/12-better-ways-to-structure-your-workday-for-maximum-productivity

The one that resonated with me was a schedule that would help me achieve peak creative performance by Amber Rae, creator of The World We Want.

She is a creative type, like me, who found hour-by-hour schedules unproductive. So she developed a framework called Work, Play, Fit, Push that would allow her to get stuff done, take care of herself and get outside of her comfort zone. I have adopted this framework for my own life and it has been great!

I made my own Work, Play, Fit, Push planner for each day which I have to say are pretty cute!

Peak Creative Performance Worksheet https://www.mental-health-in-mind.com/

Half the battle is learning what works for you. We all learn and do things differently, so take the time to figure yourself out!

  1. Unplug

I found I was doing way too much screen time. Putting my phone, computer and TV away for a couple hours before bed helped me unwind and I was able to sleep better. It’s hard to do at times but it’s very effective.

  1. Nature walk

Listening to music and going for a walk at the park is always so refreshing. It gets my ideas going but allows me to relax before I take action.

Don’t forget to take time for you! Even if you are feeling happy about your work you can still get burnt out. Take a day to relax and get away from what you need to do. Balance is key!

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