10 Things That Make Me Really Happy

Lately I have been experiencing the blues. This is quite common for everyone during the cold, dark winter months. However, instead of being consumed by SAD I have decided to write about certain topics so I can have gratitude, stay positive and let it all out. We all need to do this from time to time. With each topic I write about I hope to inspire others to reflect on these prompts and find peace themselves.

The first thing I am going to write about is 10 things that make me really happy. Sometimes I am so focused on the negative that I forget to reflect on good things that make me happy so here goes!

  1. Traveling

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Traveling is my most favourite thing to do, especially when I”m feeling down. I feel refreshed when I visit new places and it makes me appreciate home more once I return. So far I have visited all of Atlantic Canada, Quebec and Ontario. I have also been to New England, Florida and Texas. While in Europe I travelled to England, France, Italy, Germany, Tallinn, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Czech Republic, and The Netherlands.

I really hope to do more travelling in the coming years. Top of the list is Australia and New Zealand along with Japan, Spain, Portugal, California, Louisiana, Western Canada, Romania, Greece, Austria, Ireland and Scotland.

Now to convince my husband…

2. Spending Time with Family and Friends

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I do enjoy spending time with family and friends. I wish I could see them more often as my family and best friends live away but I am starting to get a great group of friends since I moved to New Brunswick so that makes me happy 🙂

3. Snuggling my dogs

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My dogs Winnie (miniature dachshund) and Bodie (miniature schnauzer) are the best therapy in the world. My parents got Winnie when I was struggling and she helped me recover. My husband got me Bodie when we moved to NB and he is so sweet. I didn’t want to take Winnie away from my Mom and Dad as she loves them and her house but I try to visit her as often as I can.

4. Going on dates with my husband

I love when Shane and I go out together. We have so much fun and we are huge foodies so we try to go to different restaurants and breweries. Sometimes we even get dressed up and have dates at home. We always enjoy each others company and never get sick of each other. He’s my rock.


5. Visiting Sussex and In-Laws

I love going to visit Shane’s parents and brother in their sweet home in Sussex. It’s very relaxing and we always have great food and a lot of laughs. Their house reminds me of my grandmother’s house. My Nana’s house always smelled so good and it was very cozy. My grandmother sadly passed away in 2011 and her house was sold so I enjoy visiting Sussex as it reminds me of her and my childhood.

6. Food (LOL)

I LOVE food. Going to restaurants is my hobby haha. I love trying new foods and especially love ethnic food such as Indian, Thai, Japanese, and Mexican. I also really love seafood and appetizers. Side note -Shane makes the best risotto I have ever tasted.

7. Spa Days

I LOVE going to the Spa. It’s very relaxing and rejuvenates me. The other day I did a four hour spa experience where I had a 60 minute facial, 30 minute massage, mani-pedi and a hair blowout! It was the best day ever…omg.

8. Dressing up

I love dressing up! I love buying a new dress, and doing my makeup and hair. Sometimes I”ll even do it when I’m not going out so I can feel good. It really lifts my spirits.

9. Harry Potter

Harry Potter is my favourite thing in the world. It’s such a wonderful story and J.K. Rowling is an amazing writer and such a kind humble person. I have even considered getting a HP tattoo at some point but maybe art work is the way to go…

BTW if you’re a huge HP fan look up all the funny HP Tumblr posts on Pinterest. Funniest thing ever, I love people on the internet (the ones who are kind and funny).

10. Being in nature


I always feel so peaceful when I’m out in nature. I love hiking and going for walks either in the woods or near the beach. They are both so beautiful and relaxing.

There’s my ten! Take some time to think about your top 10 things that make you happy. I can guarantee you will feel better if you’re having a low day! Share them on social media! We need some positivity on there.

Thanks for reading, cheers!



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