10 Housework Hacks for the Unmotivated

Housework Hacks https://mental-health-in-mind.com/10-housework-hacks-for-the-unmotivated/

When dealing with anxiety or depression, house cleaning and upkeep is the last thing we want to do. However, a clean house is good for our mood so it’s a constant battle.  Lately I have been trying a few new tricks to get er done.


Daily Tidying Hacks https://mental-health-in-mind.com/10-housework-hacks-for-the-unmotivated/


I spend 5 minutes cleaning each room. It’s amazing how much you can actually get done in five minutes! I even time myself for that extra push.

Tip: If you cannot bring yourself to do ANY housework, just starting cleaning for two minutes only. If after two minutes you want to stop, stop.  The hardest part is getting started!

I not only have a hamper for my dirty clothes, I have a hamper for my clean clothes! I am horrible for trying on multiple clothing items and then tossing them! Lately, instead of leaving them crumpled on the dirty floor, I put them in my designated clean hamper and then I put them away on the weekend when I have more time. This is great because it keeps my room somewhat clean and I don’t feel overwhelmed with putting everything away.

Do a load of laundry every day. I really hate when I have to do so much laundry on the weekend. Doing small loads every day is the way to go.

Just tidy up garbage and leftover food.  When I’m really not into cleaning I make sure I throw away garbage and put away/discard food.

Wipe down kitchen and bathroom surfaces with disinfectant wipes. I don’t always want to do a full kitchen and bathroom clean every day. Instead, I just wipe down bathroom and kitchen surfaces with a disinfectant wipe. It freshens everything up and then you can do a bigger clean when you have more time.


Weekly Tidying Hacks

Vacuum/mop on days you are off work. I tend to vacuum every week and mop every other week. If I really don’t want to vacuum I just do my entry way, kitchen and living room.

Do a full kitchen clean/organization once a week.

Do bathrooms once a week.

Tidy up recyclables once a week.



Every 3 months tidying hacks https://mental-health-in-mind.com/10-housework-hacks-for-the-unmotivated/


Reorganize! Every three months I will pick one room to reorganize. Things get messy after a few months and doing this cleanup really helps my mental state. My mom will often help me with these tasks as she is the organizing queen! If you don’t have anyone to help, check out Pinterest for organization hacks. It’s so satisfying!


I hope you find these tips helpful! It takes time to find what works for us as everyone is different! Don’t feel like you have to follow the status quo. Everyone functions at their own pace. Be kind to yourself first and the rest will fall into place.

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