♪♫ “Pay my bills? Pay my telephone bills? If you did then maybe we could chill…” ♪♫




I’ve got much to do, but I am almost through….♪♫

Destiny’s Child seems to know what it’s like to have bills, and they even wrote a song about it. But since I have so much left to do before I leave, I don’t have time to sing about it, I must get things done!

This past week I was trying to decide how I would be handling my banking while away, and I have narrowed down my options. I will definitely be getting a bank account in Sweden since I will need to pay for rent and daily necessities. That way I can set up a direct deposit with the university and they can collect my rent money easily. Also, having my own account and debit card in Sweden will cut banking fees down. To do this, my bank in Canada said they can transfer my funds to my new account, so that is easy!


For other means of payment, I have received a debit visa card that allows me to use my card anywhere that visa is accepted. This way I have access to funds at home, without the annoyance of having to use a credit card for everything (however I will use my credit card if needed).


There are many options you can do while studying abroad it seems, so just talk to your bank and see what types of things they offer. Also it helps if you have someone back home who can send money to you easily in case of an emergency. Always have more than one option!

Phew, I was glad when my banking arrangements were made, but after figuring that out I knew I had to decide what I was going to do with my phone.

I really wanted to take my phone with me since it is a smart phone and  let’s face it, once you have a smart phone you can’t do with anything less (oh the troubles of young Canadians…)


So I went to my phone provider and they gave me a few options. I knew that once I got to Sweden the university gives SIM cards to students so they can get a phone, so I thought it would be a good idea to bring my phone (if it was possible). The rep I spoke with said I could do this by unlocking my phone and suspending my plan. All I had to do was call the 1-800 number and speak with someone. I also said I wanted to have an international plan for when I am traveling; just in case I needed to call my travel agent and so I could communicate with my family. They said I could do all of this by calling the number as well.


So now all I need to do is call the number, suspend my phone for six months, unlock my phone (which costs $50), add my international plan ($50) and go on my way! The good thing about this is I can speak with the rep over the phone and tell them to suspend my plan sometime in January (so it doesn’t have to be suspended the day I call, they can schedule it at a later time). I also have to take my SIM card out once I get there and also remember to turn off my data so I don’t get charged. Then once I get to settled I can seek out a phone company and get a pay as I go plan for my six month stay (I’m hoping).

 I hope these past few posts have helped anyone who is planning to study abroad in the future. Just remember to ask lots of questions when you’re trying to figure out options for yourself!

So that’s great! I’ve tied up some loose ends and I am almost ready to go. Just need to pack….eep. That’ll be interesting… which you will all be informed about :p. Just 15 days left!!!! Yay!


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  1. A bit late reading this post but you’re leaving soon! So excited. Glad you sorted all those lose ends.. Banking and phone are two essential and stressful parts! Get get packing !! 🙂

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