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Ever feel like life is too hard? I feel this way all the time. Living with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and learning disabilities has me feeling defeated most days. BUT, I always find ways to persevere through these challenges and find success. There was a lot of trial and error, and sweat and tears, but somehow I came out the other side and have many hilarious and heartfelt stories to show for it.

That’s why I’ve created this website and blog to help others, like myself, overcome life’s challenges when facing mental illness and other neural disorders. This website features stories from my life, advice on various topics, and provides a library of my own personal favorite websites, books, organizations and resources that have helped me through difficult times.

Although we do have to work twice as hard we are exceptionally bright and have so much to offer the world. We will still experience feelings of anger and grief from time to time, and rightly so, but if we focus on our setbacks and weaknesses we can turn it into strength and from there nothing can stop us from shining bright!